The Poodle Club of Ireland was established in 1952.

We are a specialist club, formed to promote the welfare, breeding and exhibition, of all varieties of poodles in Ireland, and encourage our members to breed poodles that conform to the breed standard as adopted by the Irish Kennel Club.

The superior intelligence and exceptional trainability of the Poodle is well known.  They regularly compete in conformation, obedience, agility, tracking and hunting events.  In the show ring the trim you see is a highly stylised version of the original clip designed by hunters to enable their dogs move more efficiently through the water when retrieving .

Poodles are elegant, squarely built and well proportioned.  They move soundly and carry themselves proudly.  When carefully groomed and clipped properly in the traditional fashion, the Poodle has an air of distinction and dignity, a dog to be proud of.


The poodle Club of Ireland is dedicated to the health and well being of poodles all sizes, all ages, all shape, in fact any poodle.  If you are looking for information on breeders, groomers and health issues please feel free to contact us.

If for some reason, you have a poodle that needs to be re-homed, due to no fault of its own or owners circumstances make it impossible to keep their dog, please again contact us as we do have people looking for dogs for re-home from time to time, and like to make sure these wonderful dogs find their forever homes.

Like all breeds of dogs, be it a pedigree or cross breed, it is imperative that the future owners, realise the responsibility of owning a dog. Feeding, Vets bills, Boarding, Grooming all come into play. Please think long and hard before you home a pet of any kind and make sure you can give it the life it deserves, and you will be repaid one hundred fold in love and friendship.



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